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The Belle of Amherst

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“Not only is this one of the best theatrical webcasts I’ve seen in the past year, but Ms. Lowe’s performance is superior in certain important ways to that of Julie Harris… Everything seems to be emanating straight from Ms. Lowe… you may be sure that it will both amuse and move you, for Ms. Lowe also has the emotional weight to rise to the dark occasion of the play’s final scene, when death’s black chariot whose “Horse’s Heads/Were toward Eternity” pauses to collect her for the final ride from obscurity to immortality. You will not soon forget the way she speaks those familiar lines.”

Terry Teachout

The Wall Street Journal

Bring this powerhouse one-woman performance to your theatrical venue today!

"A career benchmark performance by Margery Lowe... Lowe's Dickinson brims with life… Lowe, an actress of long-proven wide and deep range, seemed born to inhabit and resurrect from the dead the spirit of this far-more-complicated poet… she courageously invested herself completely to deliver a never-ending variety of elevated emotions...Lowe imbued the evening with a wide range of emotional states, comedy, and tones… This productions of The Belle of Amherst provides a visit with a masterful storyteller--both the poet, the actor, and the production."

Wm. Hirschman,

Florida Theater On Stage


Margery Lowe shines as a fun-loving, romantic Dickinson in a current and compelling filmed co-production… Lowe, a radiant red-headed, brown-eyed performer, stars in this energetic, practically flawless production… It’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with Lowe’s Dickinson… In all this, Lowe succeeds masterfully.  Clearly, she is a master performer at the top of her craft, playing a character with jaw-dropping naturalness, spontaneity, and nuance. She inhabits Dickinson with an ease that you just can’t teach. Each sniffle, smile, sigh, gesture, expression, and utterance sounds and looks as though Lowe were saying or doing it for the first time.

Aaron Krauss 

Theatrical Musings

Theatre Criticism Magazine

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This single-actor performance is a cost effective production option designed to be performed live or live-streamed for your patrons if your venue is not yet able to produce live theatre!

"Margery Lowe’s portrayal of Emily IS her ideal role… Lowe’s Emily is a passionate observer, almost to the point of breathlessness, her mischievous side, capturing her vivaciousness but alas her vulnerability as well… Margery Lowe does all flawlessly. There are many comic touches in the play but they are addressed with just the right pauses, or by Lowe’s calculating looks. To say this production is satisfying is an understatement… it would be the “go to” version to view, no disparagement intended towards Julie Harris’ performance, which remains inspired in its own way.  We now have the Margery Lowe classic.”

Robert Hagelstein 

Launae Musing

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William Luce's one-woman play was a tour de force for Lowe… To tell her story, Lowe assumes 15 roles as naturally as she dons on a shawl during the play… Tucked within the dialogue, so natural that we are provided a thrill of recognition as Lowe unfurls them, are 65 of Dickinson's poems – ranging from the lesser known to what we know now as her "hits,"; if this was an opera, they would be Lowe’s arias.”

Charlotte Libov 

Miami Artzine

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